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Garden Loft condo soars with $300K listing price

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Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

Starting next fall, Detroit will have all four major sports teams playing within a four block radius of each other. While some might shudder at the thought of sports fans stumbling through their ‘hood, many welcome the close proximity of their favorite teams. We’re starting to see prices reflect the soon-to-be-open arena and QLINE.

Case in point - the Garden Lofts, a newer condo building that overlooks Comerica Park (and 75) and is located a half a block from Woodward. It has a nice grassy community space where you can enjoy all the downtown action, but in your own space. It also has secure parking. This current fourth-floor, one bedroom loft for sale is only 819 square feet and listing for $299,900, or $366 per square foot. In comparison, a second floor loft recently sold for $306 per square foot. The views look like they face Woodward in this unit, so the new owner can keep an eye on the new arena progress. HOA fees are $345 a month. Location, y’all.