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Kid Rock to heat up Little Caesars Arena with venue’s first concerts

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Only God Knows Why

Courtesy of the District Detroit

In a Thursday morning press conference at Little Caesars Arena, Olympia Entertainment announced that the pride of Romeo, Michigan Kid Rock will be the first entertainer to play at the venue. His shows will be September 12, 13, 15, and 16.

At the press conference, Kid Rock said he had been in talks with Olympia in the early stages of the planning process since he’s played so many stadiums. He’s an expert, y’all.

Christopher Ilitch, President and CEO of Ilitch Holdings, said. “From the beginning, we’ve planned The District Detroit and Little Caesars Arena to have the greatest possible positive impact on our community. Kicking off the grand opening of Little Caesars Arena with four shows from a worldwide star and Detroit icon like Kid Rock is a terrific way to launch The District Detroit.”

Can’t get enough of Kid Rock? His childhood home up in Romeo is still for sale for a cool $1,295,000. You can check out his humble beginnings here. A little closer to home, Kid Rock also has a sweet waterfront house in the Joseph Berry Subdivision.

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