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Beauty lies within this Claridge House office

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Photos by Michael G Smith

Admittedly, the Claridge is not the prettiest building in Detroit. Opened in 1906 but given a terrible steel facade sometime in the late 60s, it stands out on Washington Boulevard — just not necessarily in a great way.

We visited a few years back when the building was renovated into apartments. It also has some penthouses with views and rooftop decks (great sight lines down Washington Blvd. and across Capitol Park to the Penobscot). Now we have a listing for a pretty great office space on the second floor. It’s spacious, with an industrial vibe, warmed up with a lot of wood. It’s 5,500 square feet, with seven offices, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a conference room, and plenty of room for a small (15ish) staff. It’s listing for $1 per square foot, or $5,500 a month. It’s located on Washington, down the street from Grand Circus Park, the David Whitney Building, and the Westin Book Cadillac.

Claridge House Apartments

1514 Washington Blvd. , Detroit, MI