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Southwest triplex asks $130K

This house deserves better than these ceilings

A couple weeks ago, we showed you a Southwest multi-family home that needed quite a bit of work, but it was enormous and only asking $110,000. That property quickly went from active to pending. This triplex is much smaller, and doesn’t need as much work. It’s asking $129,900.

We feel like this photo represents both the best and the worst in this house.

Check out this gorgeous mantle and the detailing that’s gone into the woodwork. Don’t look up, though, or else you’ll see what’s in most of the rest of the house — drop ceilings. Such a shame.

The listing claims three units: 1 one-bedroom, 1 four-bedroom, and a basement efficiency. We hope the new owners go through and fix up some of the details here and there, and one of the big details overhead. It’s located a couple blocks off West Vernor, a few blocks from Clark Park, and close to many Mexicantown restaurants.