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Rent this lofty Hamtramck church, yours for $1,200 a month

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We love coming across unique and beautiful places to live, and this loft in Hamtramck hits those marks. Located right in the middle of Hamtramck in the old First Baptist Church, this loft has 2,400 square feet, 14-foot high ceilings, and a fenced-in outdoor space in the back. It’s listing for $1,200 a month.

This loft is truly open concept and everything centers around this massive fireplace in the middle. It is a working fireplace (wood included?), and the loft also comes with a washer and dryer. The kitchen has adequate counter space and there’s plenty of room for a cart or small island if more is needed. It’s within walking distance to many restaurants and shops in Hamtramck, and a quick drive down 75 gets you downtown quickly (note the street parking, though). Utilities are not included in the price. It comes furnished, and looks like some pets are welcome. It’s definitely not your average Detroit loft.