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City completes massive reappraisals; owners could see change in property tax

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

The City of Detroit yesterday announced the completion of a citywide reappraisal process — the first of its kind in 60 years. Based on a parcel-by-parcel review (more on that below) and two-year sales data, many Detroit property owners could see a decrease in their property taxes this year.

According to the city, the reappraisal process included:

  • “High resolution aerial imagery for every parcel for determining lot and structure size
  • Digitizing archival sketches of each parcel and comparing them with aerial imagery to ensure accuracy
  • High resolution multi-angle street level imagery of every parcel to determine the construction style and condition.
  • Field visits of approximately 11,000 residential properties determined to be unique in their construction or for which assessors needed additional information based on the results of the digital imagery.”

It’s not supposed to be a huge adjustment, according to the announcement:

  • “53% will see assessment reductions of 10% or less.
  • 41% will see assessment increases of 10% or less.
  • The remaining 6% of properties will see larger adjustments, due largely to the specific information that was able to be obtained by the parcel-by-parcel review.”

The city believes this should lead to an increase in property taxes paid this year.

By district, we can see some of the changing values.

City of Detroit

143,000 commercial and industrial parcels will be re-appraised next. The 2017 Notice of Proposed Assessment Change forms should be in the mail this week; if you’re a property owner in the city, we’re always interested to know what you think. Comment or send us a note on the tip line.