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‘This Old House’ to feature Detroit home, now listing for $78K

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Detroit Land Bank

In early December, we mentioned a house that’s going to be featured on the next season of This Old House. Honestly, it looked pretty scary when we first saw a picture.

Photo credit: Sarah Violette

And when you search Google Maps, this comes up:

The vegetation has been cleared, the house has been rehabbed, and after ten years of vacancy, it’s ready for a new owner. We chatted with This Old House host Kevin O’Connor and Craig Fahle from the Detroit Land Bank Authority about the transformation.

O’Connor said that although the house had been vacant for so long, it was full of ...everything. It looked like the previous owners had just taken the bare minimum and left. Mouthwash was in the cabinets, old dolls were looked like a hoarder had been there.

Not only was the debris an issue, but a tree was growing in the basement. Fahle told us that the house had been neglected for so long that a tree was pretty much growing into the house. The crew had to remove years of debris and a tree in order to fix the foundation of the house.

The neighbors, they said, couldn’t believe they were even trying to fix it.

Through the Rehabbed & Ready program, the house is now up for sale for a new owner. It’s 1,315 square feet, with three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a yard. It’s in the Crary St. Mary’s neighborhood, north of Grandmont and next to North Rosedale Park.

And before you say Home Depot remodel, yes, it is. They are a big sponsor for the Rehabbed & Ready program, which has renovated many homes in NW Detroit.

This home will be featured on This Old House starting on March 29. Also featured on this season is this Russell Woods home. You can see a preview of that here.