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Shakespeare in Detroit takes the stage in a West Village tudor

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Henry V will debut in a 1903 mansion

Photo by Chuk Nowak with Joe Sfair as the title character, Henry V.

What better place to perform Shakespeare than in a beautiful tudor?

Shakespeare in Detroit will open its fourth season with Henry V on March 23. The performance will take place at 8109 East Jefferson, at a home built in 1903 for Frederick K. Stearns, a Detroit pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The performance is sponsored by the Banyan Foundation. Banyan Investments owns multiple properties around the Villages.

Shakespeare in Detroit’s founding Artistic and Executive Director, Sam White, chose the space because of its heritage and her desire to produce a site-specific, chamber theatre experience that also has some elements of Shakespeare’s time.

“One of my favorite aspects of Detroit is its spaces and buildings, which are vast and have an incredible history, but I also thought it was interesting to stage the play in a Tudor-style mansion, thus paying homage to Elizabeth I, the Tudor queen of England who reigned during Shakespeare’s lifetime (1564-1616),” she says.

The intimate performance will take place in the mansion’s ballroom, which includes an ornate chandelier, providing shared light for the audience and actors.

Info and tickets can be found through Shakespeare in Detroit.