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Lakefront midcentury modern in Bloomfield Hills seeks $3M

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It’s been a while since we ventured out into the suburbs to spot good real estate. This massive midcentury modern, designed by Ann Arbor architect David Osler, stood out in quite a few ways. It’s on over two acres of property overlooking a lake. Floor to ceiling windows cover most of the main floor. And it seems like a good place if you want to be secluded from the world. It’s a shame the pictures were taken in the winter, as we can only imagine what the summers must look like there. The 4,690-square-foot home is listing for $2,999,000.

The house has four bedrooms, three full and two half baths, and so much room. There’s an enormous deck looking over the lake, but in the winter, you’ll also have those views from inside. An open living space has a great stone fireplace. Sure, it looks like nothing has been updated in a long time. It’s vintage! The master bedroom has a closet that’s bigger than some apartments. The lower level includes office space, a big bonus room (where there’s gym equipment), and a guest room.