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Report: Detroit ranks as one of the best cities for renters who work in tech

More tech jobs would be great, thanks!

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last February, we featured a report that said Detroit is a great place for women in tech. Low cost of living and the high percentage of women in tech in the city helped with that report. We were recently sent a new study that claims Detroit is also a great place for renters who work in tech. How could it be better? For a start, more jobs.

For their methodology, ABODO looked at three factors: median 1-bedroom rent in the city, median salary for workers in tech, and the employment per 1,000 jobs.

Detroit still has much lower rental prices compared to other metro areas, which helped its ranking overall. The median salary is still on the lower end compared to other cities, and the amount of jobs is still low. The Detroit area ranks #10 nationally.


We know what you might be thinking: Where the heck are people finding $560 rentals in the area? Good question. You’ll have to get out of the downtown core for that one. We did find some around $750 recently.

The report states that, “Computer and math workers in Detroit–Dearborn–Livonia earn 12 times more in income than they’re paying in rent.”

Could more tech jobs be coming to Detroit, possibly increasing our ranking nationally? Dan Gilbert hinted at this recently. We hope that companies are listening.