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Yes, Bonobos is coming to Downtown Detroit

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Courtesy of Bonobos

It’s been a busy year for retailers setting up shop on Woodward. We’ve seen the Nike Community Store, Kit & Ace, Detroit is the New Black, and Warby Parker open. Soon, an Under Armour will open a large store at Woodward and State. And later this year (the opening date is still unknown), menswear retailer Bonobos will open a Guideshop at 1417 Woodward, a few doors down from Kit & Ace and Warby Parker.

According to Bonobos, the Guideshop is, “... designed as Bonobos’s answer to the traditional retail experience catering to those who want to see and try on the clothing in-person before making assisted purchases in the store that are fulfilled through the web.” Customers get a personal shopper when they come in and purchases are shipped to customers after they buy.

The Guideshop concept started in New York in 2011, and they’ve since opened locations in Boston, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Dallas, and more.

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We’re happy to see more national brands making their way into the city. We have so many more suggestions, if anyone’s listening.