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Himelhoch Building and Saint Rita Apartments to be rehabbed for low-income housing

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The Michigan State Housing Development Authority just announced two Detroit buildings will get rehabbed through awards from federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. $895,952 was issued in total to support these developments.

The 100-year-old Himelhoch Building at 1545 Woodward (next to the David Whitney Building) will have 36 units of affordable senior housing plus 36 market-rate apartments. According to the release, “Detroit-based American Community Developers was awarded LIHTC in the annual amount of $385,504 to rehabilitate the Himelhoch Apartments.”

Himelhoch Building (Google Street View)

According to the Detroit News, the building is under contract to be sold to the new owner, who’s not looking to displace any of its current residents.

Out in the North End at 35 Owen Street, the Saint Rita Apartments will see a much bigger renovation. Through Detroit Central City, the vacant building will be renovated into 26 units, “all of which will be reserved as Permanent Supportive Housing. PSH is a model that combines low-barrier affordable housing, health care and supportive services to help individuals and families lead more stable lives.”

The Saint Rita Apartments were snagged at the Wayne County Tax Auction in 2011, but here we are in 2017. It’s a beautiful building and we’re happy to see it being put to use again.

From Google Street View, Oct. 2016