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Curbed Cup Finals: The Very Necessary Revote

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We almost had a seamless Curbed Cup election.

The voting for the best neighborhood in Detroit—which came down to The Villages vs. East English Village—was so close all weekend. Thousands of votes were coming in and both neighborhoods were rallying for the win. At times, the difference was only a few votes.

When we checked the current standings Monday morning, we noticed a wild fluctuation in the votes. We checked the individual votes and noticed a glitch. 3,000+ votes had gone for one neighborhood at the same time from one batch and results went all haywire.

We don’t want bots determining our 2016 Curbed Cup election. We want to ensure the most accurate count that we can, so we are holding one last vote. This will run until midnight, January 3. Support will be monitoring the vote. Added security measures have been added.

So for one last time, we’re asking for you to choose the best neighborhood in Detroit. We’d love to hold a big fake trophy over the entire east side, but it has to go to one neighborhood. Which should it be, Curbed readers?