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Sold home updates from Arden Park, Jefferson Chalmers, Corktown, and more

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We’re looking forward to seeing what will come up on the market here in Detroit in 2017. We saw some truly beautiful homes in 2016, with varying prices all over the city. Here are a few more that sold before the year ended.

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This first house was a massive undertaking in Arden Park. We could see the potential through the blurry pictures, and clearly someone has the money and vision to take this one on. It’s a 3,500-square-foot fixer upper that listed for $155,000 and sold for $164,000.

Readers weren’t convinced that this Corktown Victorian should be listed for $315,000. It’s a great old house, but it needed quite a few upgrades. The price dropped a few times, and it was recently sold for $235,000.

We kind of loved this University District house. It looks different than any other on the outside, and the inside has a soaring living room. Our readers verified that it was indeed a lovely house. It listed all the way back in July for $275,000 and recently sold for just $205,000.

This Jefferson Chalmers house had it all, if all you really want is water access and a bomb shelter. The house was rebuilt after a plane crash in ‘58. Some raised their eyebrows at the $175,000 price tag, but it was worth it. It sold for $172,500.

This handsome house in Sherwood Forest definitely needed some cosmetic changes, but it certainly had a lot of charm to work with. It was nearly 4,000 square feet with a big staircase, a three-car garage, and a big lot. It listed for $325,000, which may have been a little high. It sold for $265,000.