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County determined to move forward with Fail Jail site

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We’ll know for sure by February 10

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The long saga of the fail jail site could see a clearer ending in the next few weeks. According to the Detroit Free Press, on February 10 the county will request a proposal from Walsh Construction, the only bidder in the process.

This puts the pressure on Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores, who last spring revealed plans for a Major League Soccer stadium at the site. This fall, Matt Cullen from Rock Ventures also said that a soccer stadium would be built there.

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Major League Soccer is considering which cities to expand teams into in the coming years. The Pistons move downtown certainly puts Detroit in a better standing. But Gores and Gilbert need a location for a new stadium, and this spot near Ford Field and Greektown would help the cause.

The site is located at Gratiot and 375, a highly visible location that’s seen by many as a gateway to downtown. For years, it’s been a partially-finished construction site.

Fail Jail

Gratiot at St Antoine, Detroit, MI