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LTU to launch new design incubator, co-working space

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Photo by Jacob Porter Photography

In a city full of creative entrepreneurs, Lawrence Technological University’s Detroit Center for Design + Technology (DCDT) is opening a new design incubator program, studio, and co-working space at their Midtown location.

The DCDT Design Incubator will launch services in February including:

  • An In-House Design Studio: A design-think firm of LTU students (under the direction of experienced faculty and partnering organizations) that provides support in the incubation of local businesses in their infancy presenting business and brand materials.
  • The Design Accelerator program: A 10-week course will help those interested in navigating legal questions, developing branding, marketing and promoting their work, and establishing a long-term framework for success.
  • A DCDT Fellowship Program: The DCDT Incubator fellowship provides additional funding and support to participants, along corporate mentorship and investment strategies to grow a business.
  • A Coworking Space: Entrepreneurs can take advantage of office amenities, wi-fi, and the opportunity to network with other professionals as well as LTU staff, and establish a professional home base within its 900 square feet of modern design.
  • DCDT Woodward Gallery: DCDT’s Design Incubator will have access to a professional gallery and exhibition space where business owners showcase their work annually and make adjustments where needed based on guidance from professionals.

“We’ve created a place that will foster the development of new ideas as well as business and service opportunities throughout the city of Detroit,” said Christopher Stefani, DCDT assistant director. “At DCDT and through the Design Incubator, we can provide not only education and business resources, we also offer a direct connection to LTU’s strong network of professionals. We are helping to form a solid foundation for success.”

The Accelerator course begins Feb. 15 and applications are open til Feb. 10. The Detroit Center for Design + Technology is the home of Lawrence Technological University College of Architecture and Design’s Detroit programs. More information on the program can be found here.