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Comerica Bank to sell downtown offices, relocate around the city

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Courtesy of Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank has announced plans to relocate around the city. These plans include moving into new developments and selling their main building downtown.

Comerica’s Fort-Washington office in the financial district was designed by Albert Kahn over a 100 years ago. Comerica currently uses the first floor, but the second and third floors are empty, according to the Detroit News.

Comerica’s plans for relocation include a few new developments, including:

  • An office in Third & Grand, the Platform’s new apartment building in New Center.
  • A banking center in the District Detroit (new arena area)
  • The sale of their W. Grand Boulevard-Sterling location for the Henry Ford’s new cancer center
  • And the sale of their SW Fort-Military location to MDOT to make way for the new Gordie Howe International Bridge. Comerica is still looking for new locations in that area as the bridge development starts to take shape.

The total investment for selling and relocating offices is $3 million.

As far as the downtown office goes, the price is not disclosed. But it does have 63,000 square feet of space and it’s located across from the courthouse and a block away from the Penobscot and DIME Buildings. I wonder who could be interested in more office space...