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Construction officially starts on the Shinola Hotel

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Coming in 2018

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Dan Gilbert and Co. were present for the official groundbreaking of the Shinola Hotel at 1400 Woodward. The ground wasn’t broken, but a brick wall was demoed as a ceremonial start to construction.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Gilbert said that he sees the hotel as a place that not only out of towners will come to, but he wants locals to gather there as well. He also mentioned vertical construction again, and the beginning of billions of dollars of vertical construction going up Woodward.


Part of this build will be on the parking lots behind some of the buildings involved in this project. An alley will be activated behind the hotel with restaurants and retail.

The alley, viewed from John R

Gilbert once again talked about how office and residential space was reaching capacity, but also cited the need for more hotels downtown.

The hotel will have eight floors with 130 rooms and 16,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Kraemer Design Group is the architect of record and historic consultant. Chef Andrew Carmellini and Noho Hospitality will be leading the food and beverage side.


Still no word on the buildings next to 1400 Woodward were approved to be demoed, but they will be part of the hotel. The Singer Building (the skinny one in the middle) will be renovated, but the others were approved to be demoed and rebuilt.

Here are a few photos from the ceremony, including the ceiling inside the lobby, Dan Gilbert, plus the block and parking lots that will be converted in the back.

1400 Woodward

1400 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226