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Gilbert and Gores bid for an MLS expansion team in Detroit

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They’ll need a stadium for that

Opportunity Detroit

To the surprise of not many, Pistons owner Tom Gores and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert (he also has a few properties in Detroit) have submitted an application for a Major League Soccer Team.

According to MLS, “The bid's stadium plan calls for a 23,000-seat facility in the heart of Detroit’s sports and entertainment district.”

The likely site would be the fail jail site, and if that’s the case, they need to get that site before February 10. Wayne County still plans to go ahead with building the jail that’s been stalled for years. The site is near Greektown and Ford Field.

Gilbert has said they wouldn’t just build a stadium, but also development around the stadium.

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Gores and Gilbert released a joint statement regarding the expansion bid:

“We’ve completed an important first step in bringing Major League Soccer to Detroit, and together, we have the experience needed to make a new team successful. We know firsthand the power that sports can play in uniting communities. Our hope is this team will play an important role in the continued revitalization of the city.”

MLS officials will announce two expansion teams later this year (for 2020) followed by two additional teams (for 2022).

Other cities that bid for a team include St. Louis, Raleigh/Durham, San Antonio, Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, and San Diego.

Dan Gilbert discusses the bid in the video below. They don’t have a name for a team yet. Time to brainstorm!