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The 2016 Curbed Cup Winner is ... East English Village!

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For the first time in a few years, we decided to run (and finish) a Curbed Cup competition here in Detroit. Not without drama, your 2016 winner for neighborhood of the year is East English Village.

In the first round, they easily beat out Corktown. The competition got closer as they faced Sherwood Forest, then University District. The final vote was ... well, it’s a 2016 vote, so it had its drama. Wild irregularities and swift shifts in the votes caused us to hold a 12-hour revote against the Villages, and East English Village won by a 54%-46% margin.

EEV organized early on and kept sending in testimonials about why they are the best neighborhood in the city. The Villages were a strong competitor - an extremely close second.

The last time the Curbed Cub awarded a winner in Detroit, it went to Grandmont Rosedale. Before that? Ferndale.

Do you want your neighborhood to win the coveted fake trophy for 2017? Start organizing! We’ll run it again in 11 months.