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What can $175K buy you in Detroit right now?

This first week of 2017, we’re looking at houses whose listing prices are coming in at under $175,000. Do some of them need work? Yes, ranging from a lot of renovation to cosmetic updates. It’s an odd market out there in Detroit right now, so we’ll see how much these homes end up selling for. We have three move-in ready houses and a fixer upper. Which would you choose?

The first is a nice 2,050-square-foot move-in ready house in Green Acres. It has four bedrooms, a big living room with a fireplace, kind of a small kitchen, and maybe there’s hardwood under that carpet. It’s listing for $170,000.

This next one is a five bedroom house over in Jefferson Chalmers (which the listing says is the safest neighborhood in Detroit - really?). They were finishing up renovations when they took the few pictures here, but you can see it has new flooring, new appliances, a big front porch, and the listing says an attached garage. It’s listed for $167,000.

Here’s a fixer upper on Atkinson, right off the Lodge. It’s listing for $125,000, and you’ll be putting some money into this one. The floors for the most part to be in decent shape, and it has plenty of potential. It has five bedrooms, two baths, an open third floor attic space, and it’s cozy (very close to) its neighbors.

This three-bedroom house in North Rosedale Park (which has a similar look to the Green Acres house) has been maintained through the years and has an updated kitchen. The house also has hardwood floors, a partially finished basement, and a garage. The price? $172,000.