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In West Village, this house is available to rent for $2,250 a month

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Last winter, we saw this impressive West Village house go up for sale, and so many readers loved the potential in it. We even featured it as one of our favorite homes of the year. It looks like it’s been renovated since (the eagle from the mantle is not there anymore) and it’s now looking for the right tenants to rent. It can be yours for $2,250 a month.

The hardwood floors have been refinished and it looks like it’s received some new paint (no more bright yellow?). The kitchen has also been redone, although we only get a little peek inside. The woodwork really sells this house, with incredible doors, trim, a grand staircase, built-in storage, and paneling. It has five bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a two car garage. It’s walking distance from all the shops in West Village and biking distance to Belle Isle.