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Video: Get to know Corktown

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

A new video, and hopefully video series, is making the rounds right now and it invites the viewer into Corktown. The video was produced by Zach Lewis, who filmed it over two days last October. In it, he talks to O’Connor Real Estate and Human Scale Studio on the past and future of the oldest neighborhood in Detroit.

The video discusses how Corktown has had little residential turnover in the past few years, but new developments such as Elton Park and the new Tiger Stadium plans will add many more residential units to the thriving neighborhood. New residents could increase the need for more retail (drug stores, groceries, basic needs) and help property values further down Michigan Avenue and West Vernor into Southwest.

Lewis became involved with video production a few years ago and would like to tell more stories about the neighborhoods with a creative approach. He hopes this video shows locals and people who live outside the city what residents love about the neighborhood. He’s interested in possibly exploring the North End and/or East English Village next. Feedback is welcome!