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At True North, a Quonset hut hosts a warm, inviting Airbnb

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Photos by Jesse David Green

When True North, a community of Quonset huts, started rising last year, we were skeptical of the new living spaces. But once we visited some of the early huts, and then saw the entire community in different shapes and sizes, we were sold. While most of the huts are rented residences, one serves as a unique Airbnb. Photographer Jesse David Green showed us around the hut, which offers visitors an alternative to the downtown hotel scene.

QuonsetHaus was designed by Green’s wife Cali and is full of Detroit-specific furniture and details. The 850-square-foot hut has an open living space on the first floor, with large doors that open onto an outdoor space, plus a loft for sleeping. QuonsetHaus is like a showcase of local designers and stores, including Detroit Denim, Pot and Box, Shinola, City Bird, and El Dorado. Green says he hopes to put a guide for visitors who want to visit the local shops.

Visitors can also find inspiration and activities in the hut next door, which offers yoga, workshops, and bike rides.

Cali started designing in late June and renting the hut in August. By September, the schedule was packed. Located down Grand River in the Core City neighborhood, True North gives guests the opportunity to see different sides of the city that someone staying downtown wouldn’t see. But it does come with downtown prices; this Airbnb runs $175 a night.

Here’s a look around.