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The Heidelberg Project’s Numbers House to undergo renovation

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The beginning of Heidelberg 3.0

The Numbers House, 2014
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last summer, Tyree Guyton, founder of the Heidelberg Project, announced that after 30 years, the iconic public art destination would be changing and morphing into a new model. We’re beginning to see what Heidelberg 3.0 could look like, and it will start with renovations of one of its notable houses.

After a recent crowdsourcing campaign, work has started on renovating the Numbers House. The house will have an artist-in-residence program, a new studio and gallery for emerging artists, and an education and event space for neighborhood events and youth programming. The appearance of the building will also undergo a transformation; Guyton will select an artist to design a new installation on the exterior of the building.

The campaign raised funds for new plumbing, electrical, and windows for the house. A new roof on the house is expected to be completed this fall and demolition of interior walls has begun. Laavu, a Detroit-Based Architectural Design Practice, will serve as the design partner.

“The reinvention of the Numbers House marks the beginning of a new era for the Heidelberg Project and for the neighborhood we’ve called home for the last thirty years,” said Jenenne Whitfield, president and CEO of the Heidelberg Project. “Rebuilding this structure is the first step toward realizing our vision. We’re not just making a bricks and mortar investment by rebuilding the structure, we are creating a community center for people that will inspire a new generation of creative leaders.”

Heidelberg 3.0 hopes to engage many new artists, starting with the rebuilding of the Numbers House.

The Heidelberg Project

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