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Renovated La Salle Gardens home seeks $265K

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This grand old home is located right by La Salle Park, in an area where we’ve seen a lot of homes renovated and sold this year. This house has six bedrooms, three and a half baths, original woodwork, and an unusual kitchen. The price? $264,900.

It’s an elegant home in a lot of ways. The living room has beautiful detailing in the plaster, fireplace, and woodwork. The bathrooms look original and in varying conditions. There’s really a lot going on in that kitchen, though, with new appliances, odd brown cabinets, exposed brick, and blue paint. The bedrooms have dark hardwood floors, and the basement has extra living space if you need it. The listing states it’s been updated with new windows and electrical. The price seems optimistic, but we just can’t predict Detroit real estate this year. It’s listed through Alex Lauer at Real Estate One.