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Discover Ghosts of Piquette on a special tour

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The spookiest time of year is upon us, and what better way to discover secrets and ghosts around the city than on a tour? We love the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant for as a unique event space and for its place in Detroit automotive history. But later this month, it opens its doors for a special behind the scenes tour.

The Secrets of Piquette Tour runs October 27 and 28. The tour goes to places that are generally not open to the public, including an area that stores hearses. Tours will be run every 20 minutes from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and it’s the only time the plant is open to the public after dark. Donuts and cider will be available, as well as the opportunity to take a picture in an old Model T.

The historic plant was built in 1904 and is known as the place where the Model T was developed; the first 12,000 were assembled here. It was also home to Studebaker production for years. It was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2002 and as a U. S. National Historic Landmark in 2006. It’s now run as a nonprofit committed to history and preservation.

More photos from when we toured the plant can be found here.

Tickets for the special tours are $18 and go toward the restoration efforts of the Plant. Tickets can be purchased here.

Ford Piquette Plant

Piquette St., Detroit, MI 48202