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An 1890 Midtown carriage house transforms into a chic loft

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It rents for $2,950 a month

Photos by Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

From the outside, you can imagine this carriage house with horses, coachmen, and carriages back in the 1890s. Stepping inside, the recently renovated space now houses a gorgeous loft commanding $2,950 per month.

Chris Smits and his wife Li Li took on the project of renovating the space after recently acquiring the house in front at 650 Forest Avenue. A previous owner had lived in the house for 35 years, and the carriage house was unused but charming space. Smits said that the charm of the carriage house and the opportunity to preserve some of its history swayed them to take on the massive renovation project.

Downstairs pre-renovation
Courtesy of Chris Smits

The downstairs now has bamboo floors with radiant heating, glass garage doors that open to a private terrace, and a large open living space. Upstairs, you’ll find a large master bedroom with beautiful wood beams, modern light fixtures, and a dreamy master bathroom.

Chris and Li Li couldn’t be happier with the end result, which includes restored doors, a wood burning stove on the lower level, exposed brick, and multiple examples of the historic character of the carriage house. Have a look around.