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For $180K, a move-in-ready Boston-Edison home

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Photos by Marc-Gregor Photography

While it might not be the most inspired renovation we’ve seen (of course, we don’t know what the house looked like before), this Boston-Edison home has a lot going for it. It’s a more manageable size at 1,700 square feet than many of the large houses in the neighborhood. It has four bedrooms, room for more renovation of the upper level, and a backyard. And the price is much more reasonable than some other homes we’ve seen lately. It’s listed for $180,000.

The house is located on Edison Street, just a few blocks from Woodward. It’s near the Lodge, making it easy to get downtown. The house has a sweet fireplace and big windows in the living room, a new kitchen, and built-in storage throughout. If the new owner wants to try his or her hand at landscaping, there’s plenty of opportunity here. It’s listed through Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices/The Loft Warehouse.