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Wayne State fundraising for activated park at Woodward and Warren

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Woodward and Warren via Patronicity

How can Wayne State University (WSU) best use a plot of land that could create a stronger link between the public and the university? A new crowdfunding campaign would activate the large green space at the corner of Woodward and Warren. If WSU can raise $25,000 by November 17, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will match it with a $25,000 Public Spaces, Community Places grant.

The campaign has already raised nearly $11,000 with contributions from the Michigan Department of Transportation, Rainbow Child Care Center, and the Detroit Public Library Foundation.

The initiative aims at creating more of a gateway to Wayne State at this high-traffic corner. Funding would go toward adding seating, shading, landscaping, and lawn games. It will also be home to a satellite kiosk for Detroit Experience Factory and WSU Placemaking. This park isn’t meant to be a permanent fixture; according to the campaign, “Our prototype park will help us understand how students, employees, residents, and visitors use this space before deciding on a long-term use.”

Woodward and Warren via Patronicity

The area is already used for many pop-up events in Midtown, and it has both a QLINE station and a DDOT bus stop along Woodward Avenue. More on the park plans and the campaign can be found at Patronicity.