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Watch: New video, website aims to lure Amazon HQ2, new business to Detroit

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Move Here. Move the World

Detroit has submitted its bid for Amazon HQ2 and while we may not know the exact details just yet, we do know it’s been a large regional and international effort. Led by Dan Gilbert, a team spanning multiple counties in southeast Michigan, plus Canada, was assembled to tout the advantages of Amazon building a second headquarters in what many would consider to be a dark horse: Detroit.

Today, Bedrock released a new website and video called Detroit Moves the World. The video shows many different aspects of Detroit’s history, business, and culture. What’s covered in the video? Just techno, Motown, the auto industry, the beautiful outdoors and great lakes in Michigan, mobility, design, technology, small business, big business, autonomous vehicles, diversity, Eastern Market, Canada, moving forward, and, as always, resiliency.

The video was made by Stephen McGee, with words by Jessica Care Moore, and music by Curt Morgan and Cyrus Reynolds.

The website offers direct appeals to Amazon, highlighting the work in mobility, design, and our connection to Canada. It also includes articles on technology, the city’s fiscal history, its retail resurgence, and more.

Maybe Amazon already narrowed down its true contenders, but this package makes a pretty compelling argument for businesses to move to Detroit.