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Corktown Victorian needs complete makeover, asks $199K

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We recently posted a variety of fixer-uppers around the city at varying price points. Now we have a choice in Corktown—a Victorian dating back to 1900 that looks like it was left in the 1980s. It’s cute on the outside and a complete disaster inside. The three bedroom house is listing at $199,000.

We’re trying to look past the drop ceilings—although it’s difficult—and imagine what it could look like completely restored. The house has big windows and we’d like to believe there’s hardwood floors underneath some of that flooring (we spot some in a few rooms). The new owner will have a little over 1,700 square feet to work with, plus a garage. It’s located on Leverette close to Trumbull, making it a very bikeable and walkable location just outside of downtown. Finished homes similar to this one have sold for around $300,000 this past year. It’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate.