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Could Meijer be planning to set up shop on East Jefferson?

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Update: Confirmed details on the development can be found here.

Something we’ve all been waiting for could be announced shortly.

Time and again, we’ve discussed the need for more grocery stores in Detroit. It looks like the downtown area could get one soon.

A large mixed-use development east of downtown will be announced on Thursday. Kirk Pinho from Crain’s is reporting that a new tenant will be Meijer.

The location would be on East Jefferson, just east of downtown, between Lafayette Park and the riverfront. The development would also include a significant amount of residential.

Meijer has two Detroit locations: one on Grand River and McNichols, and the other on 8 Mile and Woodward. According to Crain’s, this new one would be a much smaller than normal Meijer, and the development would include parking for both residents and shoppers. It would open in 2019. Crain’s had linked to a website that offered more information, but that’s since been taken down.

We’ll have more information after an official announcement tomorrow.