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Foxtown’s Film Exchange Building heads to auction

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For a $2.25M minimum bid


A few months ago, we asked about dormant buildings that should be redeveloped in Detroit. Since then, we’ve seen some activity around a few of these buildings, including the Park Avenue Building and the Moose Lodge. Now, another vacant building in the vicinity is heading to auction. The seven story Film Exchange Building—so tall in a sea of parking lots—will be up for a minimum bid of $2,250,000 this November 13-15.


According to, this building dates back to 1926 and was used for “the distribution and booking of movies for the Detroit area.” The building closed in the 1970s, but the roof was replaced in 2000. The listing by Ten-x states that the redevelopment could easily include residential, and adjacent parcels of land is included. We’ll keep dreaming of what could happen with this building. It certainly stands out in the vast sea of parking lots. It’s located right next to I-75, near the Fox Theatre, Beacon Park, Grand Circus Park, and the Little Caesars Arena.