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Coworking space, preschool co-op to open this month

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Near Marygrove College

Detroit Parent Collective
Rendering courtesy of I Am Young Creative/Bohomodern Studio

Detroit has a variety of coworking options for those who need a work space in the city. A new option across from Marygrove College will cater to parents in need of both work space and built-in childcare.

The Detroit Parent Collective is currently finishing their build out and plans to open October 16, with a soft launch the week of October 9-13. The Collective will offer office space with internet access, in addition to on-site drop-in childcare. The Collective will also have programming around parental needs and interests including breastfeeding, wellness, nutrition, yoga, early literacy, and more. The space will be Detroit’s first permanent coworking space with built-in childcare.

The co-op preschool will have a Montessori-like curriculum led by a PhD master teacher with support of a parent. In each session, the master teacher will lead for two hours while a rotating roster of parent-members will support for 30 minutes.

The Collective has been supported by the Frank Family, Metro Solutions Inc., and The Skillman Foundation. To assist families interested in joining who need financial support, they have a crowd-sourcing campaign started.

The Detroit Parent Collective is run by local entrepreneur Krista McClure; more information on membership can be found here.