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For $499K, a stunning 100-year-old Boston-Edison home

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Photos via Estately

This new listing captures a lot of what we love about elegant old Boston-Edison homes. It has incredible woodwork throughout the house, built-ins, plaster work, french doors, big windows, and open rooms suitable for entertaining. The house was designed by Christian W. Brandt for Charles B. Bohn in 1917 and it’s listed for $499,000.

We saw this house listed back in 2014, when it listed for $400,000, eventually selling for $305,000. It’s available this time either as a sale or a rental for $3,500 a month. The house comes in at 4,800 square feet, with five bedrooms, a formal dining room, a large living room with fireplace, and an oddly configured kitchen. It’s located on Boston Boulevard, close to the Lodge. Considering the market is pretty different than it was a few years ago, this one might have a better shot of landing its listing price.