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New velodrome lands Lexus as sponsor

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It opens in January

Courtesy of Detroit Fitness Foundation

We’re always happy to report on a new development outside of the usual residential/mixed-use variety. Last January, we announced that the Detroit Fitness Foundation is building an indoor velodrome at the Tolan Playfield just off Mack and I-75. In the past months, we’ve seen the air dome take shape. Now when you drive past, you’ll notice its big sponsor—Lexus—displayed on the side.

The Lexus Velodrome—expected to open in January—is a $4 million complex featuring a 166-meter indoor cycling velodrome. The facility will also have four flat lanes for running, walking, and skating; a multipurpose infield for exercise classes and special events; plus a small café with food and drinks. The Detroit Fitness Foundation is also offering free exercise programming for youth and seniors. The Lexus Velodrome will have a full schedule of bicycle racing and training and it will host competitive events.

More information can be found through the Detroit Fitness Foundation and those interested can sign up for updates here.