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City Modern takes shape in Brush Park [updated]

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Modern architecture moves into a historic neighborhood

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Note: We’ve updated with some sales numbers below.

While Bedrock waits to get city council approval for tax credits for four transformational developments downtown—including the Hudson’s site—a larger residential development is well underway in neighboring Brush Park. We stopped by to see the progress at City Modern, which will add over 400 new residential units to the historic neighborhood.

The development is meant to be one that caters to every phase of life. The first building that will be finished is the senior apartment building at the corner of John R and Alfred. The building (124 Alfred) is five stories and according to a representative from Bedrock, the roof will go on soon and exterior work is starting.

Further down Alfred Street, work has started on restoring three more historic homes. (Bedrock also worked with Nicole Curtis two years ago on the Ransom-Gillis house). New roofs and windows are currently being installed on the homes.

In the larger middle section of the neighborhood, where the carriage houses and townhouses will be built, earth work and site utilities are currently finishing up. Sales of these units started earlier this year. A representative from Bedrock tells Curbed that 85 percent of the carriage houses and townhouses that have been released for sale have sold, and that the final release of units will hit the market later in the year. They’re expected to be ready during the first quarter of 2018.

Here’s a look at the current construction underway around City Modern.