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Regal Sherwood Forest home wants $460K

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Includes its own cast of characters

Photos by Stylish Detroit

This Sherwood Forest home is filled with character—literally. From the crest over the fireplace to the owls etched in the plaster to the faces carved in the wood, this 1927 home has something around every corner. Its previous owners also convey a colorful past; it was built for Colonel Charles Herbst of the 1898 Spanish American War and owned at one time by the Dittrich family, famous for their furs (and commercials). The 3,700-square-foot home is listing for $460,000

The living room has a grand fireplace, a two-story ceiling with wood beams, and big, colorful windows. We also hear that there is hardwood under the carpet. Some of the bedrooms also have wood beams, and a study is lined with wood-paneled walls. We see a formal dining room, but no photos of the kitchen. The house also has a finished basement, a garage, and a fenced back yard big enough for a party. It’s listed through Lauren Rivers at Rivers Realty.