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Take a stroll through Detroit’s urban agrihood

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While Detroit has many urban farms, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) has recently amped up the discussion about development around these farms. Last winter, the non-profit announced their proposed urban agrihood around their two-acre farm in the North End. Curbed’s video team recently visited the farm to see the impact on real estate in the area.

An agrihood is an alternative neighborhood growth model, positioning agriculture as the centerpiece of a mixed-use development. There are some agrihoods around the country, but this is the first within a city.

MUFI is working on renovating a three-story blighted building into a community center near the farm. In the video, a recent home buyer in the area discusses the appeal of living near a farm like this in an urban environment, noting its proximity and easy access to attractions in the city—the Qline and the Fisher Building are just a few blocks away.

MUFI grows over 20,000 pounds of produce a year on average, and much of it goes to local households, food pantries, and churches.