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The Fisher Building gains another retail tenant with Pot + Box

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Fisher Building Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Fisher Building continues to expand its retail offerings. Two clothing stores—YAMA and the flagship Peacock Room—will open later this month. City Bakery will also open soon. And now, the popular flower shop Pot + Box, which has taken its petals on the road the last two summers, will set up shop December 8 in the Fisher Arcade.

Lisa Waud, who also created the stunning Flower House, found the right fit in the iconic building. “After testing concepts and various spaces across Detroit, taking root at the Fisher is Pot + Box’s obvious destiny,” Lisa said. “Stunning aesthetics and the central location aside, The Platform’s thoughtful and sustainable development practices solidified my decision to join the ever-growing family in the glorious Fisher.”

In addition to the new stores in the Fisher, New Center has seen a lot of added retail and development news lately. Home decor store Urbānum will open in the spring at Woodward and the Boulevard, plus additional residential development and the new Pistons training facility near Tech Town. We’re keeping an eye on the centralized neighborhood.

More details on the Pot + Box opening will be coming in the next few weeks.