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Holiday Headquarters set up shop in the GMRenCen

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More shopping for the holidays

Courtesy of GMRENCEN

For the next three weeks, the GMRenCen will offer Detroit shoppers yet another place to pick up goods made by local vendors and makers. The Holiday Headquarters are now open in Tower 300, with rotating vendors each of the next three weeks.

The shops will be open Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. More info can be found here. Here’s what you can expect to find each week.

November 27-December 1:

  • 3DOGS1CAT: Unique, eclectic, and affordable pet merchandise from local craftsmen, artists, and established vendors.
  • Detroit Respect: An apparel company with a Detroit sense of pride.
  • Detroit Scroll: Original Detroit bus roll signs from the ‘40s and ‘50s created into art, apparel, glassware, stationary, and gifts.
  • Detroit Wick: Selling a variety of recycled, reinvented, and refreshed candles.
  • Germack Coffee Roasting Company: Roasted and brewed in Detroit, Germack Coffee Roasting Company offers espresso, coffee and tea.
  • Heart of Michigan: A family owned and operated store providing customers with a wide range of the highest quality Michigan-made products.
  • Love Travels. Imports.: Creates fair trade, handmade artisan wares. Find one-of-a-kind, unique women’s handmade accessories within the shop.
  • Motor City Popcorn: Combines traditional popcorn with funky flavors to create tastes like Motor City Mix, 8 Mile Mix, Belle Isle Blend, and more.
  • The Detroit Card Co.: A paper goods company making colorful, modern items, including a full greeting card line, art prints, notebooks, and gift wrap.
  • The Mighty Mitten: Sells art inspired by scenes from all around Michigan.
  • The Natural Market: A natural boutique specializing in handmade bath, body, and home products including custom fragrances.
  • Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix: A men and women’s accessories shop with home-goods, pillows, barware, ceramics, and unique ties under the brand.
  • Whimsical Wit: A collection of handmade, Michigan-themed products and goods.
  • Woodward Throwbacks: Handcrafted bottle openers, beer carriers, signs, kitchen décor, furniture and more from reclaimed, salvaged wood.

December 4-8:

Find the following vendors during the second week, including 3DOGS1CAT, Detroit Wick, The Natural Market, The Mighty Mitten, Well Done Goods, Whimsical Wit, and Woodward Throwbacks.

  • Detroit Vs. Everybody: Apparel, glassware, kitchen items, artwork, and more to appeal to individuals’ Detroit pride.
  • LeadHead Glass: Makes handcrafted terrariums out of reclaimed glass from deconstructed homes in Detroit.
  • Motor City Brick: Art created with materials found in Detroit historic homes and factories.
  • Pewabic Pottery: Find special pieces of clay art, including vases, ornaments, and decorative tiles.
  • Pingree Detroit: Brings veterans and civilians together to maximize community well-being by creating an environment of resilience, through localized, sustainable, community-supported production of leather goods.
  • Shionne Designs: Unique handcrafted jewelry reflecting current trends.
  • Street Eatzz: Blended spices and sauces.
  • Vault of Midnight: Provides customers with a unique shopping experience as ambassadors for all things geeky and fun. They aim to make comics universally accessible pieces of entertainment for all.

December 11-15:

During week three, Detroit Scroll, LeadHead Glass, Motor City Brick, Pingree Detroit, Well Done Goods, Whimsical Wit, and Woodward Throwbacks will all return. New vendors include:

  • Bath Savvy Naturals: A healthier alternative for skincare with all-natural body creams, oil blends, and sugar scrubs.
  • The Blu Kitchen: The Blu Kitchen offers traditional macarons in non-traditional flavors.
  • Dave’s Sweet Tooth: Dave’s Sweet Tooth doesn’t use machines, microwaves, or assembly lines to produce their toffee; handcrafted and handmade in Michigan.
  • Gus & Grey: Creates unique jams and jellies with all kinds of fruit.
  • Made in Detroit: Made in Detroit and their clothing represent those who stand for, and with, Detroit.
  • McClary Bros.: McClary Bros. uses locally-sourced produce to create handcrafted drinking vinegars known as “shrubs” that make quality mixers for sodas and cocktails.
  • Purple Love Jewelry & Accessories: Trendy and exclusive jewelry and accessories.
  • Rebel Nell: Rebel Nell makes jewelry from unique local materials, while providing a transitional opportunity for women in Detroit.
  • Toni’s Collection: Eco-friendly home fragrances, candles, and body essential products crafted with a luxurious feel.

The markets will have a nearby Toys for Tots bin, and Santa is there to visit with the kids.

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