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MDOT to update public on I-375 progress in an open house

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December 5

Alternative 6, with one-way streets
Courtesy of MDOT

One of the most debated stretches of road in Detroit is one that could see big changes in the next few years. MDOT will be hosting an open house Tuesday, December 5 from 4-7:39 at the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center to update the public on its environmental study.

Six alternatives were proposed in 2014 for the urban freeway that links the eastern side of downtown (near the Ren Cen) to I-75 near Eastern Market. Proposals range from merely upgrading the current freeways to creating two one-way streets with a greenway.

We asked readers which alternative they prefer earlier this year. The one-way streets won by a large margin.

The urban freeway is a major thruway for workers at the Ren Cen. It could also be a vital place for future development on the side, with connections directly to the riverfront. It also runs alongside the fail jail site, which should see more development in the coming years. Earlier this year, it was named one of America’s worst urban highways.

According to a news release, Tuesday’s open house, “will focus on the practical alternatives that will be analyzed in the Environmental Assessment (EA) to be completed in 2018.”

MDOT staff and City of Detroit Planning Department staff will be on hand to answer questions. Presentations will be at 5 and 6 p.m.

Can’t attend? Some background on the project can be found here and comments can be sent to