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Hubbard Farms house/row house combo seeks $395K

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Full of character

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Here’s something we don’t see every day. This new listing through O’Connor Real Estate has all the vintage charm we love to see in old Hubbard Farms homes, but with a big bonus: three row houses are attached to this one. Live in the single-family home, earn income from the row houses. It’s a unique—and large—property. It spans over 8,200 square feet and it’s listing for $395,000.

The single-family home has hardwood floors, lovely wood trim, leaded glass windows, built-ins, and an updated, slightly awkward kitchen. The listing also states that the house has new systems and a new roof. It also has six bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a wide open third floor. The listing suggests the basement could be rented too; you’ll see it has options for the kitchen and bathrooms. Each of the row houses has three bedrooms and one bath. It’s located on West Grand Boulevard, a few blocks from Clark Park and close to I-75.