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Freshly renovated East English Village home tries for $230K

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We’ve seen prices on the rise over in East English Village this year. We generally see houses (in varying conditions) list for under $200,000. This latest listing had been on and off the market for a while, before finally selling this summer for $42,000. It’s gotten a fresh makeover, including flooring, systems, appliances, tiling, and more. Now it’s aiming high and listing for $230,000.

We’re not sure how much character was left in the house when it was sold, but the renovation makes it look more like a Midtown condo than an old home. But, that could also be appealing to some buyers. The open living and dining area has a new white fireplace, and the living space opens to a completely modern kitchen. The bathrooms are covered with walls of tiling. The home has three bedrooms, a finished basement, and a fenced-in yard on a corner lot. Will it close anywhere near this listing price?