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Paralee Boyd blends function and style in Midtown

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

For many, getting your hair done at a salon can mean waiting for weeks for an appointment, then spending hundreds of dollars over the course of a few hours. A new salon opening up in Midtown uses the principles of lean manufacturing to give women with thick and curly hair a less expensive, more efficient salon experience. We stopped by to chat with owner Dana White as the salon prepares to open.

A portrait of Paralee Boyd herself welcomes guests

White named her salon after her grandmother, whose photo is prominently featured as guests walk in. She says she wants her grandmother to be the face of the brand, which she plans on expanding nationally (White also owns a salon in Southfield).

The space was “designed to the inch,” she says, with the design work of M3D Experiences. Guests check-in at the desk, have a seat if they need, then go through a shampoo and deep conditioning, a dryer or steamer, a blow dry—the most important part according to White, and then the styling. Appointments are walk-in only, seven days a week with $40 flat pricing. To accomplish this, she uses the principles of lean manufacturing, and her employees will be certified in the skilled trades for this process. Women can come in before a big event and be ready to go quickly.

The product is focused on hair health and a relaxing customer experience, while design elements speak to efficiency. Styling chairs point to photos instead of mirrors, so stylists can quickly work. Lounge seating is minimal, since it implies waiting. Soft blues and browns create a relaxed feel. Photos of her clients and family adorn the walls.

White says she plans on opening within the next month. The space is located right next to Midtown Detroit Inc. along Woodward Avenue. She’s excited to launch her national brand right in Detroit. Here’s a look around the space.