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More high-end condos coming to Brush Park

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64 Watson is in the works

64 Watson courtesy of Friedman Real Estate

It’s hard to think of another neighborhood in Detroit that’s changed as much as Brush Park over the last couple years. It’ll look much, much different in the coming years with the addition of the City Modern development. Now, one building that many may recognize from its shoe artwork from the Heidelberg Project will be transformed into luxury condos.

The Devon Building dates back to 1905 and for years, sat next to the Heidelberg Project’s administrative offices. That building was purchased earlier this year, as was 64 Watson. The Devon Building, vacant for years, will be torn down and rebuilt to reflect its original facade. 64 Watson will be filled with five new residences: two townhouses, two “garden” condos, and a full-floor penthouse.

Penthouse kitchen and living room
64 Watson

The residences are currently for sale and range in price from $311,710 to $882,500. The residences will have dark walnut flooring, Rocket Fiber wifi, private outdoor space, and a garage for residents. They’re expected to be completed in winter 2018. Those interested can contact James Tumey at Friedman Real Estate.

64 Watson

64 Watson is one of many new condo developments underway in the neighborhood, including these European-style new builds on Eliot Street, and of course Bedrock’s City Modern development.