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Boston-Edison home once blighted, now restored and ready for new owners

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What a transformation!

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Isn’t it great to revisit old friends who went through hard times but are doing much better these days? This stately Boston-Edison home was a fixture in the Detroit Land Bank’s auctions for a while. We even saw it in April 2015 when we did a map of auction homes available in BE (map point 12 here). Kelley Aldridge acquired the home in January 2016; the winning bid was $23,000. The home had extensive water and some fire damage. When Aldridge bought the house, it looked like the setting of a horror movie.

It took over a year for the rehab, and now it’s looking fabulous and ready to be lived in and loved again. The brick home has five bedrooms, three full and two half baths, restored floors and built-ins, a fenced yard, and a two-car garage. It’s located on Longfellow near Rosa Parks Boulevard. The house is now listing for $399,900. An open house will be held Friday from 3-7 p.m. if you’d like to check out the renovations. Here’s a look inside.