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Sold home updates from the Joseph Berry Subdivision, East English Village, and more

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Today, we’re looking at a few memorable homes that finally have new owners. From East English Village to Palmer Woods to the Joseph Berry Subdivision, these houses range in style, price, and odd interiors. Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Drop us a note in the comments or on the tip line.

This East English Village brick house listed in September for $129,900, leaving some of our readers to wonder what was the catch. It’s simply a solid move-in ready home in a great neighborhood. And sometimes, houses are listed under what they should go for. This three-bedroom house just sold for $145,000.

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We saw this midcentury Palmer Woods home a couple times this year—first when it listed for $559,000, then again when it changed realtors and listed for $499,900. It’s a huge house with five bedrooms, a fully finished basement, and a pool. It just sold for $485,000.

Photo by Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

There’s a lot to like about this sweet house in the Joseph Berry Subdivision. It has a lot going on inside, with wallpaper, interesting kitchen cabinets, and more wallpaper. We really don’t see many houses like this go up for sale in this riverside neighborhood. It listed in late August for $360,000 and snagged its asking price.