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Curbed Cup 1st round: (3) University District vs. (14) Grandmont Rosedale

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Homes in the University District
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Curbed Cup is our annual award for the neighborhood of the year. We’re starting with 16 neighborhoods (with some close ones combined), and we’ll vote over the next few weeks until we’re down to one. Polls are open for 24 hours. Let the voting commence!

University District

We’ve seen lovely renovations and maintained homes sell in the University District throughout the year. Prices continue to rise in the neighborhood bordering Livernois, the University of Detroit Mercy, the Golf Club, and 7 Mile. It has a strong neighborhood association and it’s known for being one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the city. We’ve seen a lot of development action in the surrounding areas, including the announcement of the B. Siegel redevelopment and the Fitzgerald neighborhood revitalization, plus many shops and restaurants continue to open along Livernois. Should this neighborhood make it to the next round?

Grandmont Rosedale

Grand River
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The neighborhoods in Grandmont Rosedale have lovely old single-family and multi-family homes in a dense area in northwest Detroit. It’s one of the best neighborhoods to find more affordable family homes in the city. The Grand River commercial corridor continues to add more businesses and restaurants; you’ll see colorful murals on the sides of many. And in nearby Old Redford (just past the Meijer), plans are in the works to improve revitalize vacant buildings, landscape vacant lots, and rehab old homes.